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Ok, after another 1GBs (!!!) I've watched the last episode of LoTS, and the "Best of Cara" clips of the penultimate episode. I'm bisexual. I'm open about it. I like girls and I like guys. It just is what it is. I've experienced discrimation as well - from the straight community who think I can't commit or that sleeping with girls is just a phase (thanks Mum) and from the gay community who think that I'm actually gay but I'm just too scared to come out, or that I might sleep with girls but I will end up with a man anyway. I know I'm biased but I think it's more difficult for there to be a balanced portrayal of bisexuality in the media. I went back through my old LJ and found an entry about it when the character of Alex appeared on The OC (six years ago!)

So LOVE the portrayal of Cara, where she sleeps with boys and girls indiscriminately. She's not an Alex Kelly type character, whose defining characteristic is her bisexuality. Cara was a Mord'Sith first and foremost, who was struggling to live outside of the confines of her order, and her sexual preference was only a part of her. Is that progress?

Also not upset at the Happyverse version of Cara, where she ends up with Leo. Watched Dark and Perdition, they had chemistry, and he made her laugh. But I don't think he was the love of her life, so I would have loved if it they left it even more open-ended. If the final episode ended with one of those happy Hercules codas, where the group are walking through a sunlit village, Kahlan and Richard are macking away, and Cara winks at a village blacksmith named Dahlia. I feel a fic coming on.

BTW, I know I'm not alone, but I'm crushing hardcore on Tabrett Bethell. Those eyes! That smile! The hot girl hair! She's kind of like a Maximy version of Cate Blanchett with a bit of Portia de Rossi thrown in. Which is not a bad thing. I'm just sad I never attended a Cronulla Sharks game when she was a cheerleader. Though I have been to Hemmesphere a few times (and I bet her new hangout would be the Ivy) so I might have been in the same room as her and not even noticed it. Man, I love living in Sydney where everyone's a hottie.

ETA: Can't stop laughing at this Seeker of Love contest promo video. Every time the video zooms in, Tab whispers "...or a woman" and then slow blinks and preens, I start giggling.


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