May. 31st, 2010

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I read [personal profile] trancer21's awesome Mrs. & Mrs. Mord'Sith (and you should too!) and now I've somehow used 500MBs of my download limit this evening just downloading YouTube vids and reading deej's Gay for Kahlan! recaps. This is what I think is so great about fanfic when I hear an author or someone complaining about it - good fanfic writers can introduce new fans to a fandom. [personal profile] fembuck did it with Birds of Prey and Gossip Girl for me, and [identity profile] made me want to watch Women's Murder Club. Fanfic is another way for fans to become more engaged with the show or the book or whatever, leading to more sales, more viewership, etc. I understand the dangers of actively encouraging fanfic, but it seems counter-intuitive to me when writers don't just look the other way.

And having read up more on Legend of the Seeker, and seen the vids of Cara kissing Dahlia and Charisma Carpenter's character... so the Mord'Sith are dykes who live together, have a gigantic hot tub where they all swim naked, and fight with dildos? RenPics, it's been a rocky relationship over the years, but this is why I love you.
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Title: The Long Goodbye
Author: Velvet
Rating: M for sexual content
Word Count: 5,909
Fandom: The Wheel of Time (novel)
Pairing: Moiraine/Siuan
Disclaimer: "The Wheel of Time" and characters belong to Robert Jordan, his estate and Tor Books. No copyright infringement is intended.
Summary: Moiraine and Siuan say goodbye. Set between "New Spring The Novel" and the main series, where Elaida thinks that "on the day they were raised Aes Sedai, at the end of the Aiel War, Siuan and Moiraine had walked away from one another and afterward behaved almost like strangers."

"Mashiara..." Siuan looked up in shock, but Moiraine had her eyes closed, her fingers tangled in Siuan's hair. It was the Old Tongue. Beloved, but a love lost beyond regaining. And by the First Oath, Siuan knew it to be true.  )


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