Jun. 4th, 2010

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So apparently, Cara and Dahlia are my OTP. I'm an Aussie (not that it matters, I lived overseas last year and didn't have a television so I come back now and I'm like Masterchef wuh?)  But they've only shown the first season of Legend of the Seeker on Australian tv. I watched some episodes because, Shota = Danielle Cormack = Ephiny = first time I ever got involved in fandom. (Also, yay! Verna = Melosa! ILU BB!!!)  But LotS didn't really hook me in the first season, mainly because I think I found Richard and Kahlan insipid. (THOUGH HAVING WATCHED SOME S2 CLIPS ON YOUTUBE, I appreciate that Richard seems more manly and more like a leader, and Kahlan is more of a BAMF, and then you've got the specialness of Cara to make everyone else around her look sparkly and pretty.) It might also explain why I'm not really getting behind the Cara/Kahlan ship. But Cara looking hot just sitting on a goddamn rock, doing the lingering look after their kiss, and then pulling Dahlia into her by her leathers? Rawr.

Also, SQUEEE!!! I was unreasonably excited when I found out that Laura Brent had been cast as Ramandu's daughter in The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. It was like OMG CARA IS MACKING WITH THE STAR'S DAUGHTER!!! My 10 year old and 20 (*mumble*something) years old self has collided.

Anyways... one of my favourite fanfics has been Liz Estrada's The Way, Way Back (BtVS, Faith/Kate) since I first read it about 10 years ago. Then her KMN Series got me hooked on Women's Murder Club, even though I shipped Lindsay and Jill. So I'm very glad to see her writing Cara/Dahlia fic, in her distinctly inimitable style. Better fix to the finale than I could ever write.


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