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Oh man, do I really need a fandom bio? tells me that I started off in 1998 with the granddaddy of them all, Xena: Warrior Princess. Had a strange obsession with the Amazons, particularly Ephiny and Cyane, even though they never shared a scene together. Followed my Victoria Pratt obsession over to Cleopatra 2525, with a few fics and a website. Crossed over to the Buffyverse, mostly due to the appearance of Eliza Dushku as Faith. Website. Went over to the Birds of Prey. Fics. Then came a procession of fandoms where I just dabbled - WWE slash (Lita/Trish), Fastlane (Billie/Sarah), L&O: SVU (Alex/Olivia), The OC (Alex/Marissa), Women's Murder Club (Lindsay/Jill), Gossip Girl (Serena/Blair). Been fandom-less for a few years but now it's sucking me back in.

Wow. Looking back, I've kind of been a fandom slut. I tend to have a 2 year attention span, and then I need to move on. Except in relationships, where my attention span is only 3 months.

Er... let's just end with a few quotes from animated shows that seem to follow me at different stages in my life.

"Are you being sarcastic, dude?"
- The Simpsons, Homerpalooza

"She's such a butthole."
- The Simpsons, The Parent Rap

- Archer, Dial M for Murder
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